Apple iPad Mini 16GB LTE White & Silver

In this new video I unbox the new iPad mini 16GB LTE White & Silver edition.  This was ordered on release day and has finally arrived after about a 6 week wait.  The iPad mini is a smaller version on the standard iPad and has a 7.9″ screen and a Dual Core A5 chip.  Sadly the screen is not Retina but is still superior to many devices for most uses, and its non-Retina pixel count of 1,024×768 is suited well to this screen size. The processor is Apple’s own dual-core 1GHz A5 CPU, as used in the iPad 2 and additionally it features the same RAM as the iPad 2 (503MB) and the same screen resolution.

Prices start at £269 for a wifi only version and £369 for the LTE version climbing to £429 for the 64GB wifi version and £529 from the 64GB LTE.


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