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Nokia Lumia 635 Review & Unboxing

Nokia Lumia 635 Review and Unboxing

The Lumia 635 ismost likely to be the cheapest 4G Windows 8.1 Phone coming in at £139 with a £10 topup. The biggest difference with the Lumia 635 is that is has super fast 4G connectivity.

The Nokia Lumia 635 comes in green, orange and yellow as well as the more ordinary black and white colours. Bright green not be everyone’s taste, but it certainly is far more eye-catching than the greys and blacks we normally see.

Nokia Lumia 925 Video Test

While on holiday recently I used my Nokia Lumia 925 to shoot some video in different lighting condition to see how the video side of the phone performed.  I was quite impressed with the results and I have put together a short video so you can see for yourself.


Nokia Lumia 925

In my latest video I am unboxing the Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone 8.  This is a replacement to the Nokia Lumia 920.

Nokia Lumia 620

In my latest video unbox the new Nokia Lumia 620 Windows Phone 8. Release in the UK February 1st 2013 this is Nokia’s entry level smart phone costing from about £150 on a PAYG tariff which makes it idea for your first smart phone or someone looking to keep things small and simple

Windows 8 Phone and Nokia bring you some good features :-
1GHz Duel core CPU
5megapixel camera with 720p video recording
Micro SD card slot
Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive

I will be using this phone over the next 2 weeks so that I can being you a more in-depth review on the Nokia Lumia 620