GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Slow Motion WVGA 240FPS

I wanted to see how good the shooting at 240FPS was with the new GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and then slowing this footage down with just iMove ’11 and nothing else.  So I decided to do a few video tests and then slow them down to see what happened.  My first test was using a Dremel against some metal and watching the sparks fly off.  The slow motion effect of the sparks was quite impressive. My second test with the GoPro Hero 3 involved dropping a water filled balloon and watching it burst.  The first 2 attempts the balloon just bounced but gave a rather nice effect and then there are 2 balloons that burst again showing a nice slow motion effect.  My next test was water boiling in a kettle and then slowing this down.  My final slow motion test was filming some Torch Coral in my tank.  This gave one of the nicest effect in slow motion.

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